6 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait for Summer in Toronto!


We have had a one of the most brutal winters in recent memory and up to this point it has not felt like spring has really arrived but, nonetheless I cannot wait for the summer! Toronto gets to flex its awesomeness when the warm months hit. While there are much more than 6 reasons, here is what I can come up with so far.

6. Patio Season!

Hanging out with friends, family or making new friends on a patio somewhere is a favourite pastime for most Torontonians. Nothing brings people together quite like a pint and some nachos.

5. Food Trucks, Food Trucks, Food Trucks!

When the summertime hits the food trucks will be out in full force offering up Toronto plenty of goodies all over the city. When its summertime you can actually sit outside and enjoy your food instead of staying indoors!

4. The Beach

All that work you have been putting in at the gym over these past few months is about to pay off. Whether you are at Woodbine Beach, Kew Beach, Bluffers Park or the Toronto Islands to name a few, it is time to take in some sunlight, maybe play some beach volleyball, take your pets for a stroll or just show off how awesome you look and feel. If you got some time maybe even dip in the water…I know that is just crazy talk.

3. Free Concerts

One thing I know about Toronto is that we love free concerts and I will assume that there will be no shortage of free shows! Last year I saw The Beach Boys at the CNE, Maxi Priest at David Pecaut Square, Ludacris at Dundas Square to name a few. With NXNE and Luminato among other offerings this summer I suspect we will be singing in the streets and/or parks.

2. Festivals and More Festivals!

From May to September just about every weekend is filled with at least a few festivals. While it can create traffic chaos, you will survive. It’s time to enjoy the streets and sights our city has to offer. There is pretty much something for everyone when it comes to festivals. Food, art, music, liquor/beer, dance, cultural over the summer months the world is literally at your doorstep! Some festivals I’m looking forward to aside from ones already mentioned are Toronto Carnival, Taste of the Danforth, Taste of Little Italy, Beaches Jazz Festival, can’t forget about Salsa on the St. Clair and Harbourfront Centre virtually every weekend hosts a different festival representing a different type of culture starting Canada Day Weekend. Trust me there is much, much more when it comes to festivals in Toronto it is all one Google search away to find info.

1. Random Walking and Exploring!

Well my blog is titled ‘Waynie Walks the TDot’ so obviously this would be my favourite thing. Last summer, I decided to walk all the TTC subway lines (yup I know that sounds crazy) in an effort to be healthy and get to know my city more and more. So I walked the Scarborough RT line one time, from Finch to Union and finally from Kipling all the way Kennedy! Sorry but the Sheppard line gets no love from me. And don’t worry I did these on different occasions and on city streets not on actual train tracks. It was really amazing getting to see different neighbourhoods up close and since I was walking I could just stop and take it in. From Uptown Yonge to Yorkville to the Waterfront to Bloor West Village to High Park to Korea Town to Greektown to Scarborough I got to see plenty of our city and I have a new found respect for it. For those wondering if I did this for a certain cause, no cause just because.

This summer I hope to tackle some streetcar lines, apparently the Long Branch streetcar line is the longest in North America at 35.5KM, that sounds like quite the challenge hopefully I am up to it. Not to mention random eating adventures, chilling out by the Waterfront, maybe take in some boat rides and checking out not so familiar neighbourhoods.

This city has so much to offer its citizens and tourists alike as much as we like to perhaps travel to different cities sometimes being a local tourist is not a bad thing plus it can be lighter on the wallet. If you are not a fan of driving and parking you can get TTC Day Passes or use the Toronto Bike Share Program (formerly Bixi) as an alternative just create a starting point to just walk around and explore.

The city is yours to discover so why not take a chance and who knows maybe you will uncover something you didn’t already know about Toronto. I can personally attest that each summer I learn about something I had no idea about. So let’s get cracking people well once the warm weather commences and at this rate who knows when that will be.

Walk it out,



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