Random Eating Adventures in Toronto!


This post is pretty simple especially if you love food. Just food and pictures from places you may or may not know of!

Hot Thai Noodles – Salad King (Yonge and Edward)

Salad King is never a bad choice if you’re in a Thai mood. Thailand has even granted Salad King status as authentic Thai food by their government.

Southern Carolina Pulled Pork w/ Poutine – Greenwood Smokehouse (Pape/Danforth)

Soooo many calories and sooooo much goodness. Cheat day must!

RCK Original w/Chicken – Rose City Kitchen (Spadina/Queen)

Mediterranean style food decently priced, decently portioned and be warned they have Falafel Poutine too!

BBQ Mac and Cheese Poutine – Smokes Poutinerie (Bathurst/Queen)

BBQ Chicken, Bacon, Mac and Cheese in a poutine, what more do you need!

Sriracha Flavoured Pringles – They may be found at specialty confectionary stores

This caught my eye and I said I needed to try that out. I got to say it was a good call on my part! Flavour wise to me it tastes like BBQ mixed with chili powder and salt and vinegar. Thumbs up but it is subjective since it is really reliant upon your palette.

That’s about it for now




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