About Me


My name is Wayne, my background includes education in Special Events Management, Public Relations and currently studying Digital Strategy. In my eyes that’s the trifecta I have been aiming for educationally speaking.

I am a life long resident of Toronto and over the past 4 years I have been rediscovering it. I used to feel confined to my immediate surroundings, due to laziness and being cynical, so I started to challenge myself to visit different areas of the city. To be honest, it was one of the best choices I have made. By no means is Toronto perfect, there is much to be improved but I enjoy the plethora of diversity we are blessed to consume here in Toronto.

In my downtime, I like checking out food places, the wide array of cultural festivals, wandering the streets, going to concerts and pretty much just being a local tourist so to speak. Toronto is a cultural epicentre that is sometimes embraced but also sometimes forgotten.

On Twitter, you may catch me using the hashtag #LoveMyCity and that’s because I ask, why shouldn’t I be proud of the lovely things we take for granted in our city?

This blog is my love letter to Toronto so I hope you enjoy what I display or just take it in and reminisce!

I leave you with this quote I believe in, “We cannot succeed individually unless we support each other collectively”

Best Regards,



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