Snakes & Lagers Has Arrived!


Plenty of people out there LOVEEE their board games and hot drinks. So what could be better than that? How about board games and BOOZE! The creators of the popular Snakes & Lattes near, Bathurst and Bloor have spawned this new concept located in Little Italy. Sure it was cold and windy on the weekend, but would that stop me from indulging in some board games and adult beverages? …Of course not!

Two floors of games and seating to choose from and you just pay $5 to play your heart out. The place does really fill up so I would suggest either coming early or be prepared to wait 30-40 minutes for seats.

Feeling hungry? They got a menu of apps to choose from along with a lovely collection of beers on tap which revolves from time to time. The staff was friendly, quite helpful and even chimed in on our illegal Jenga stacking.

The night wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t morph back into our 8 year old selves and played a round of Trouble!

All in all, despite the weather I got to kick back and enjoy good company, good games and had a blast in the process. While the food could be considered kind of pricey, my friends and I are definitely planning to return there sometime in the near future. It is a charming edition to Toronto’s eclectic bar scene and from personal experience it can even warm up your coldest nights!

If you need info for Snakes & Lagers: The Board Game Bar CLICK HERE!