A Winter Walk at Harbourfront Toronto…Or Harbour-frozen Pictures!


I decided to go on a walk a week or so ago despite the cold temperature outside and the logic of why would I want to do such a thing in the midst of winter. Randomly, ended up at Harbourfront eventually and opted to take some pictures of Toronto’s Waterfront. Truthfully, there is quite a lot of construction happening along Queen’s Quay so I had to manoeuvre my way on the streets and lack of sidewalk to take a closer a look at the frozen version of Lake Ontario and I was quite happy with the effort! Not only did I get some cool shots, I also got a slight workout in the process. Proud to say I didn’t slip or fall once and my face didn’t freeze…well right away at least.

This was taken by the Spadina Wavedeck. It was awesome to see the visible chunks of ice with that haunting sky in the background that was good camera filtering!

HTO Park West in the summertime usually has kayakers and people enjoying the sand or laying in the sun. Winter time, not so much!

Along the pier, once you look past the ice and snow its really calm sunset.

The Natrel Skating Rink is one the coolest skating spots in Toronto. Especially, when you consider that you get to take in the view of the Waterfront while you’re skating.

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and I feel this one speaks volumes. This picture perfectly describes what Toronto has to offer its citizens and anyone visiting us in just 3 words… More Than Enough!